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For research use only. The M30 CytoDeath ELISA is a novel research product developed for cell culture applications. The assay has a dynamic range and sensitivity suitable for in vitro work. The M30 CytoDeath ELISA is a powerful drug screening tool. It is useful for in vitro characterization of apoptosis-inducing drugs, including establishment of time course kinetics and dose response relationships. The effects of large numbers of siRNAs on apoptosis can be tested in the 96 well format. The assay offers a unique possibility to quantify apoptosis of epithelially derived cells in multicellular spheroids and organ culture systems. The M30 CytoDeath ELISA is based on the M30 antibody (detecting the Asp396 caspase-cleavage site on CK18) and antibody M6. This combination is different from that used in the M30-Apoptosense® ELISA. The M30 CytoDeath ELISA is not suitable for serum/plasma.